Crystal Dreaming Sessions

Traditional Crystal Dreaming® – Shamanic Journeying

Crystal Dreaming is a no-touch, drug-free technique that enables the power of crystals to temporarily raise a person’s vibration high enough to experience other dimensions and work through problems that have plagued them, sometimes over lifetimes. The very specific mandala of crystals causes a gentle shift in your consciousness to take place. In this enhanced state of awareness, all energies not totally aligned with unconditional love will be cleared, and it is possible to experience a state of absolute bliss, where profound emotional, physical, and spiritual healing may occur.

Crystal Dreaming can locate and dissolve challenges manifesting in the here and now that have roots in another time and place, often in past lives and frequently relating to unresolved emotional trauma and can bring clarity of purpose to your life.  The results of Crystal Dreaming sessions are profound, permanent, and immediate and frequently lead to a blissful reconnection with the Divine.  It must be experienced to be believed!


What to Expect

During a session, clients are guided to releasing long-suppressed traumas, connections, blockages, and beliefs, as we travel across time and space to alternative realities, experiencing the root causes, as well as solutions, to current life frustrations.  We straddle multiple worlds, safe and grounded in current reality, while connecting with other realities that have been incomplete.  To the surprise of our clients, but no longer to ours, elaborate past life experiences come to life, always in the first person, as clients experience themselves in previously unknown situations in the very real now.

Crystal Dreaming is not about past life regression, although that regularly plays an important role.  Past life regression releases the low vibrations of trauma that prevent us from connecting to the higher vibrations of our true selves, allowing us to connect with our teachers and guides, who are always there to lead us into being who we really are.

Crystal Dreaming is sacred work, work that often moves us to tears by the exquisite beauty of what we witness with our clients.  We witness the courage of our clients, their compassion, their strength, and the resulting empowerment of our clients.  We witness their connection to the essence of life itself, which results in a profound experience of bliss and unconditional love that transcends words. 

Crystal Dreaming EXPRESS®

Sitting in a unique circular mandala of crystals, the EXPRESS technique facilitates a rapid shift in your consciousness so that you may access a state of expanded consciousness and the bliss that comes from experiencing Oneness.  This expanded state of consciousness is accessed without the risks that may accompany accessing altered states through ingesting plant medicines or psychedelics.  Once this level of consciousness is experienced firsthand, the perception of many clients changes positively and dramatically.  From this limitless state of consciousness, it is possible to become aware of all you are and your interconnectedness with all beings across all time and space.  The EXPRESS technique is an excellent introduction to Crystal Dreaming.  Sessions typically last approximately 30 minutes. 

Additional Things to Know
  • With the traditional method, we will be spending about two hours together, with the actual Crystal Dreaming process taking about 90 minutes.
  • We will be entering into a meditative state together, and you will lie down on a comfortable mat on the floor, so that you will be free to totally surrender and relax.
  • You are in complete control.  We only see what you are willing to show and are ready to release.
  • Although we will be visiting past energies that may have been uncomfortable when they were first experienced, we will be identifying suppressed energies from a place of power, love, and curiosity.  The experience tends to be liberating rather than painful.
  • You will probably be feeling grounded but reflective when we are done.  Scheduling in some time to process and integrate before jumping back into your life would be useful and beneficial.
  • This work is about reconnecting with the best parts of who you are – the parts that have never been damaged, and the parts that have survived anything unpleasant that may have occurred in the past.  The result?  Living from a deeper experience of yourself.
  • You may have an opportunity to receive answers to life’s most profound questions.  We suggest coming to your session with a list of questions to which you would like answers.
  • With the Express method, we will be spending about 45 minutes together, with the actual Crystal Dreaming process taking about 30 minutes in a seated position.