Energetic Protection Exercises

Here are two meditations that we were instructed to use daily by our Crystal Dreaming instructor Raym Richards. It’s great for maintaining your energy and not being randomly affected by people or humanity in general. It helped me a lot when I was first starting out, as I was getting attacked a lot early on. The first one is a short meditation (3 minutes) and is good for cleansing and protection. Do this every morning and evening, and every time you feel like you are getting assaulted with unwanted energy or being attacked.

Personal Cleansing Exercise <click>

Direct Link: http://tuneintozen.com/protection/PersonalCleansing.mp3

The ultimate goal is to be able to do this anytime you need it very quickly. Once you have practiced this for a while, you can do it in 3 breaths without the mp3.

1st Breath in: Take Light in
1st Breathe out: Light Down and Out. 
2nd Breath in: Take Light into Hara.
2nd Breathe out: Light out to form a Ball Around you
3rd Breath in: Take Light into Hara.
3rd Breathe out: Put Two Meshes Around the Ball.

Anytime you feel unwanted energy…do this. Anytime you feel unwanted feelings, at least take light in, then down and out to ground into the earth. 

The second one is a longer cleansing meditation (7 minutes) that is good for cleansing yourself and then protecting a space. Do this before you go to sleep ( in your bedroom) with the intention of protecting your bedroom for the entire night or your healing space. 

Personal and Space Clearing Exercise <click>

Direct Link: http://tuneintozen.com/protection/SpaceCleansing.mp3


BONUS: If you ever feel you are under any direct attack from another person/entity (you don’t have to know specifically who)… then after you place the mesh at the end, add a layer of mirrors about a foot square in size around the mesh and evenly space them so that you can see between them, but you have more mirrors than space. Then, coat the mirrors with a layer of think pink love. Set the intention that this will reflect the negative energy back to the person sending it with Love so they may understand the karma they are causing. If you can set with the intention of Love and absence of retaliation, then you are vibrating too high for them to affect. Trying to send this from your heart is best. It will be extremely uncomfortable for them to continue the attack, but that is not your goal; your goal is for them to gain understanding.

Many Blessings,
Mark and Mary